November 21, 2010

Doubling And Tripling Your Money...

I am re-printing a story I wrote a few months ago:

"Last night I had dinner with some brokers in a party I`ve attended with my wife. We were talking markets even though I do not really like to talk about the market when I am out of the office. But these guys are funny and always have some nice war stories to tell about their costumers.

This one I think its inspirational for all of us. One of the customers opened an account in July with 60,000 USD. He only traded Dax Warrants during this period and he was able to run his account to an astonishing 1,670,000 USD a few weeks ago. Then a small disaster struck and the account come down to 300,000 USD but right away he rebuilt it to 800,000 USD. Of course this was all before this Dubai`s mini-crisis and I can`t wait to know what has happened to his trading account in the last 2 trading days.

Anyway, this client is a medical doctor over 60 years old that placed most of his trades through the phone because he thinks trading platforms are not user friendly...What about that?

Another 2 interesting numbers. Only 8% of all these brokerage house customers are able to win over an extended period of time and the median lasting time of a trading account before it goes to ZERO is 6 months. Where does that money go to? To the trading pros, of course."


Anonymous said...

I love your site. You guys ever do business with before? they screwed me out of a HUGE deal by slitting a stock they gave me for payment and dumping into it.

Anonymous said... is NOT SO COOL after all. These guys pool investors money together -FAMILY- and then send out penny stock alerts to the masses telling them about GREAT stock GAINs. Just after the masses buy into the scam stock pick His family of investors DUMP the STOCK and cause everyone to lose their money.